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Maternal and child health in an HIV/AIDS high endemic area – Mozambique (projecto SIDA)

Mozambique Collaborative Research Ethics Education Program (Formação Colaborativo na Ética em Pesquisa, FoCEP)

Capacitação Institucional / Faculdade de Medicina-UEM/ Ministério de Educação

Ingestão de Mandioca Amarga, Excreção de Cianógenos e incidência de Paraparésia Espástica

AIDS International Training & Research Program (AITRP) for Research Capacity Building on HIV and Mental Health Maputo, Mozambique

Implementing health system strengthening interventions: experiences from the Sofala- Doris Duke Project

Avaliação da Viabilidade e Operacionalização da Introdução da Vacina contra HPV em Moçambique Projecto de demonstraçào,

The Universidade Eduardo Mondlane/UCSD Medical Education Partnership (MEPI), grant 1R24TW008910-01

Bacteremia in HIV-infected children U5, hospitalized in Mozambique.

Sistema multiplex para o diagnóstico do vírus de Hepatite B e C e da infecção por T. pallidum e outras doenças infecciosas. Investigadores

Programa de Desenvolvimento em Saúde Reprodutiva/HIV/SIDA e Assuntos de Família através da investigação Multidisciplinar inter-Universitária (Projecto Desafio)

Bacteremia in HIV-infected children U5, hospitalized in Mozambique

Capacitação instituicional para a melhoria de ensino e aprendizagem para atenção da saúde da criança na Faculdade de Medicina

Trends in comparative efficacy and safety of malaria control interventions for maternal and child health outcomes in Africa

The potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria control in Africa: a systematic review of modelling studies and population surveys

Effects of comorbidities on mortality risk among COVID-19 patients in Africa: a modelling study

Relaunch of the official community health worker programme in Mozambique: is there a sustainable basis for iCCM policy? Chilundo B , et. al (2015), Health Policy Plan, 30(Suppl 2), ii54–ii64

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Is the Role of Physicians Really Evolving Due to Non-physician Clinicians Predominance in Staff Makeup in Sub-Saharan African Health Systems? Sidat M , et. al (2016), Int J Health Policy Manag , 5(12), 725–727

Analysis of trauma admission data at an urban hospital in Maputo, Mozambique Taibo C , et. al (2016), Int J Emerg Med, 9(6), 1-7

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